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28 uniforms include navy tunic; brown pants with built in "boot" stirrups; plaid "half-kilt"; and faux leather armband. Very lightweight and confortable for indoor. Worn one season for The Muse. Minor wear; one uniform has a torn and repaired knee. $800 + shipping.


Green grass meadow with fade in from black and sunrise/light burst. Back side is black. Created by Winter Guard Tarps, used one season. $800 + shipping.


Ultra lightweight (9 oz) 50' x 80' vinyl floor, printed with blue back of playing card. Reverse is white. Edges trimmed to create rounded rectangle shape of card. Evenly spaced designs provide excellent reference for movement. Created by Winter Guard Tarps, used one season. Playing cards are 48" by 68", digitally printed on Falconboard™, with plastic edging for protection. They are strong and durable enough to withstand being used as regular props, and strong enough to build a house of cards. The set of 16 cards is the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace in all four suits. Floor and cards available together as a set, $1200 + shipping.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing this set, or if you are interested in only one or the other.

Integration Uniforms

Futuristic black and green uniforms with silver piping and black and green mini sequin trim. With hoods that are easily tucked in the back. By Creative Costuming. Purchased for $160 each, used one season, all uniforms in excellent condition. Set of 30 uniforms, $1800 + shipping.